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Thank God Hardcopy Books Still Exist (and I still Have Many Unreads)

Nothing much, just my usual rant this time.

So. There’s a consent blackout in my block this morning till afternoon. No, wait, consent isn’t the right term, since mostly my neighborhood didn’t give an affirmative for this blackout. But well, we’re informed. Yes, that’s the right term, informed blackout.

Okay. So, this blackout was informed yesterday to be expected from 10 to 17. Which in reality, thank god, it only lasted from 11 to 14. Mom got the information too late, she knew it at 9 (surprise, surprise!) and immediately went spastic because she didn’t even start to cook today’s meal. Me was just shrugged it off.

But just one question floated in my mind: What will I do during this blackout? It looks rather long.

The answer is quite easy if you can judge me from just my blog header. I read.

books I read during the blackout

Thank god hardcopy still exist. And Thank god I still have many unread hardcopy books with me. Imagine what would I do without some hardcopy in hands, I’ll die bored. Okay, my Mom was there, but listening to my Mom has it limits before fun become boring. And I can’t write during blackout, Mom’ll get angry. So I read, instead – not to say Mom was not angry, but well, I read outside.

Anyway, I read (continuing) The Count of Monte Cristo and a psychology stuff titled The Black Swan. And no, I’m not gonna tell you what it’s about right now, I’ll make a different post for it later (maybe). But during I read those books, I think about digitalization era we now faced. Surely, if Indonesia want to get digitalized like any other country, there should be no more blackouts.

Which maybe, that’s why we still cut down trees to print a hardcopies.

I’m not a greenpeace activist, mind you, and I surely as hell love hardcopies much more than ebooks – because, no bookworm (even a self-proclaimed one) could ever ┬ábe seperated from the parfume of those papers, eh? So no, I’m just merely stating the fact. Because digitalized era needs electricity like a human needs a heart. So make sure all your citizens at least have enough electricity supplies and then you can go all globalized like a boss.

I love hardcopy, but I (am starting to) like ebook too. So please, no more blackout, Indonesia? Without my laptop or cellphone I can’t read any ebook.

But wait. Mom just said that there’ll be a blackout again tomorrow. Bless you, PLN, bless you.

P.S. and I still need an update for my course next semester. And if there’s any more blackout tomorrow, I’ll be dead.

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Demotivasi untuk menulis. Jatuh ke level basement. Will do something ’bout it, though. I just, ugh!

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